What We Do

Anglia Advisors is a New York-based Registered Investment Advisor that offers fiduciary fee-only financial planning in the form of personal finance consulting services and professional investment management to younger professionals, couples and families and separately provides financial consultations to individuals and families who are living and working in the US as foreign nationals. We also work closely with individuals emerging into a suddenly-single situation following divorce or widowhood as well as offering workplace financial planning services for employers looking to provide personal finance education services to their employees. Engagements can be by means of an ongoing hourly or retainer basis or a single consultation. High quality, low-cost professional portfolio management is available, but optional.

Examples of our ideal clients are:


Completely independent, our fee-for-service model takes no sales commissions, kickbacks or compensation of any kind from any third party for making any sales or recommendations. Our compensation comes exclusively from our clients to whom we provide real and unique value. We are therefore able to provide un-conflicted, evidence-based clarity in all aspects of personal finance and investing that empowers our clients to take control of their financial futures.


Our Services

As much affordable personal finance advice as you need. And only what you need. Retain control.

Agile project-based hourly planning for individuals, couples or families. Design your own financial plan wish list, it can range from just a few hours work for a planner on one or two items to a complete financial organizational makeover. We will create the agenda for the project together and you can then engage an experienced, qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance and investment consultant to put it all together, paying only for what you need. A project typically could include thorough analysis, thoughtful strategy proposals, highly actionable recommendations, hands-on implementation assistance, available professional portfolio management (with no minimum) only if you want it and access to an extensive network of high quality expert financial and legal professionals.

The kickstart you need. Bite-sized access to qualified personal finance and investment experience.

Individuals or couples, address your personal finance concerns, get a plan put in place and objective recommendations from a professional CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance consultant using cost-effective consultations of two or three hours at a time. Most of the issues raised can be dealt with then and there in the meeting itself. Consultations will be in person wherever possible or by video call and are followed up by additional materials sent to the client, who has continued access to the planner for a while following the consultation. A unique opportunity for bite-sized access to a qualified CFP®. You set the agenda. We provide the guidance.

Welcome To America. Now Here's What You Need To Know.

Welcome to America! At Anglia Advisors, your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional has developed a specialty in understanding in the financial and legal issues that particularly affect individuals and families living and working in the US on visas and green cards or who are about to come over along with access to a large, highly niche network of financial, legal and other professionals who specialize in dealing with foreign nationals in the US. Much of this is stuff that you will not have been prepared for by your employers, accountants, immigration attorneys or well-meaning work colleagues either in the US or your country of origin. A consultation with a CFP® with a particular awareness of what you will face will prepare you and your family for the financial issues you will face as a non-citizen. We can also help employers with a high number of foreign national employees set up information workshops for their workforce.

Ongoing access. A financial professional at your side, whenever you need one.

Enjoy continuous access to your own dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional as you navigate life events. Your Anglia Advisors personal finance consultant will address your financial and investment situation on an ongoing basis with the ability to shift recommendations as and when your circumstances evolve. This service is suitable for individuals, couples or families with more extensive and complex financial planning issues who wish to keep a financial planner “on retainer” for a long term assignment and available when needed.

Coming out of divorce or unexpected widowhood, your whole financial world can be turned upside down. We can help.

Few experiences in life can be as stressful or devastating as losing a partner due to divorce or unexpected death. And right when you may be least able to focus, you need to make enormous, life-altering financial and legal decisions that affect the rest of your life, especially if there are minor children in the mix and even more so if your spouse had been the one to take on most of the responsibility for the family finances. Everything will be in flux; investments and cash management, real estate, mortgages, insurances, estate planning, taxes, retirement planning, debt management, college planning, health care, workplace benefits, spending, cash flow etc. You don't need to face this alone. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional is available to guide you through this changing landscape, get you back on track financially as quickly as possible and teach you how to move on to the next stage of your life.

Affordable high quality asset management. Available to all.No minimums.

For those looking for an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment professional exclusively to analyze, allocate, construct, manage and monitor their investments in an affordable yet strategic and evidence-based manner that leverages the latest in financial technology without any engagement for any broader financial planning. We are approved by DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS (DFA) to offer DFA investments. No minimum investment is required. The account includes an available integrated checking account and High Yield Savings account and individual or joint accounts, multiple brokerage accounts, all kinds of IRAs (including Roths, Inherited, Rollovers and SEPs) as well as trust accounts are available. Your designated CFP® is available to consult on all aspects of the managed funds and to respond in an agile fashion if changes in your life circumstances require it.

Give the gift ofqualifiedfinancial planning and investment advice to a friend or family member.

We all know someone who could benefit from objective personal finance and investment advice from a qualified CFP® professional who specializes in working with people just like them. Maybe they have just graduated and started their first job or have just got married, had a kid or plan to and/or are considering buying a home. Maybe they have just arrived in the US for the first time and need help understanding and navigating the US personal finance environment. Maybe they have become suddenly single recently and are in real need of qualified guidance on how to best move forward in a completely different financial landscape. By buying them an Anglia Advisors advisory gift card which they can use for an invaluable one-on-one session with a fully qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, you are giving them an eternal gift of quality financial planning and organization.

Cost-effective, high quality estate planning for individuals and couples that keeps your CFP® at the center of the process.

Through our partnership with Helios Integrated Planning, your own CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can co-ordinate with the estate planning professionals at Helios and guide you through the highly affordable process, ensuring that you receive comprehensive, high quality estate documents including a will, a trust, advance medical directives, power of attorney and more. Your interactions with this “contact-less” form of estate planning can be 100% conducted with your Anglia Advisors personal finance consultant who will work with the lawyers so you don’t need to. Documents for all 50 states are available and pricing is extremely competitive.

Simon can present to your organization.

Simon speaks on panels and conducts public or private presentations, workshops and speaking engagements on a wide variety of personal finance topics to any audience type, including at conferences, universities, small to middle-sized private or public corporations, affinity groups and online communities, professional trade associations or audiences that you put together yourself. Discussion topics can include the importance of saving for retirement, behavioral finance, college planning, debt management, investments and much more. A particularly useful presentation is available for companies with a high foreign national headcount on the subject what financial issues these particular employees need to address.