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There’s a smart way to repay student loans and a lot of not-so-smart ways. Using advanced technology, math and common sense, Anglia Advisors can show you the smart way.


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Massive student loan debt problems hang over millions of Americans. The total amount of outstanding student loan debt in the United States is estimated to be over $1,4000,000,000,000 ($1.4 trillion) which is significantly more than the total of all the credit card debt in the country.


Repayment periods can stretch many years into the future, racking up significant interest charges. These extended payment periods can cause delays in starting investment for retirement and other goals, causing the financial effect of these loans to still be felt long after they are eventually paid off. 

Yet most people fail to make their repayments to multiple loans in an organized or optimized manner. There is, however, an algorithmically calculable most optimized way to make multiple loan repayments and we can show you exactly what that is in your specific case.

With the Anglia Advisors Student Loan Optimized Repayment System, a fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will create a customized plan for you that will show you in detail how to repay your various loans in the most efficient way possible that, in many cases, can dramatically reduce repayment periods and interest paid over the life of the loans.

Using advanced technology and simple, graphic visualizations, we can map out the most effective repayment plan for you given your particular circumstances, while at the same time helping you to navigate the pros and cons of various refinancing options that could cut down your repayment period and interest charges even further. 

Simply provide us with some basic details about all your student loans and we will run a report and generate recommendations that will then be interactively presented to you by video-call. Next, we follow up by sending you copies of the report and information and recommendations about possible refinancing options. We also weave into the report an investment strategy to complement the student loan strategy so that the age-old question of paying off student loans vs. investing for the future is openly addressed.

If your circumstances change in the future (for example, if you do refinance some of your loans or make a significant one time payoff), we will then re-run the analysis up to three additional times using the amended data each time, all at no additional cost to you.

Important: the Student Loan Optimized Repayment System works best if you have multiple loans (regardless of how many) all with different balances (regardless of how large or small) and various applicable interest rates (regardless of how high or low). The system is not recommended for those who may have already consolidated all of their debt into just one loan with one interest rate or those with just a single loan outstanding.


Who can benefit from the Student Loan Optimized Repayment System?

– Anyone with multiple student loans outstanding with varying balances and interest rates.

– Anyone who may be concerned about high interest rates on some of these loans.

– Anyone concerned about the long projected timeline between now and full payoff. 

– Anyone experiencing the sense that the total debt is failing to go lower despite payments being constantly made.

– Anyone who may have co-signed loans for another family member. 

– Anyone struggling to balance loan debt obligations with saving and investing for retirement.


Tell me more about the Student Loan Optimized Repayment System!

– You give us some basic information about the loans – loan type, outstanding balance, interest rate, minimum monthly payment required and what you pay monthly right now (if that’s different from the minimum).

– Using advanced software algorithms, we will analyze this data and generate an alternative repayment plan that fully optimizes your repayment strategy and has the capability in many cases to significantly reduce the repayment period and thereby the interest charges paid. This plan will be exclusively customized to your particular situation.

– We also analyze alternative uses of the funds during the period between the new, closer “debt-free” date and the original “debt-free” date and show you exactly what a positive financial difference you can make to your life making use of these alternatives. 

– We present our findings and recommendations to you in a video-call, during which you will have the opportunity to suggest tweaks to the recommended plan to suit your exact circumstances. 

– Following the video-call, you will send you a copy of your report, our recommendations and various scenarios should you implement the recommendations.

– The follow up report will also contain information and resources related to student loan refinancing options, including some of the pros and cons and contact details of some of the most suitable providers, much of which will have been partly addressed in the video call. 

– Should your situation change in the future (for example, if you develop the ability to conduct a more aggressive pay-down strategy or if a number of the loans are refinanced), we will – for no additional charge – re-run your report up to three times using the new data and send you our updated findings. 

Anglia Advisors Full Plan and Retainer Plan clients will have a Student Loan Optimized Repayment System report and video-call provided for free as part of our services. Others (including anyone who is not an Anglia Advisors client of any kind) can arrange for the service, including the video-call and a copy of their report with the additional information included for a one-time fee as shown in the pricing below. 

Anglia Advisors has contracted with PayItOff for provision of student loan debt management software, but is otherwise not affiliated in any way with the firm. While Anglia Advisors has reason to believe in the quality of services provided by PayItOff, we cannot be held liable in any way for the services or security procedures offered by this online third party provider.