Our Strategic Partners

One plus one can sometimes equal three. 

At Anglia Advisors, we want to offer our clients access to enhanced financial and life-improving services that can take elements of what we do to the next level. To that end, we strive to partner with firms that share our vision of helping clients improve their lives by offering uniquely specialized services at appropriate prices.

Simon is personally familiar with the principals and decision-makers of all these firms and all of them are aware of Anglia Advisors’s core fiduciary principles and primary client demographic. 

Regal Credit Management:

New York’s premier credit management/credit development firm will show you how to develop, build, or repair your credit score and guide you through the process of implementation. Crucial for those who need to rebuild their credit, new arrivals in the US with no previous US credit history, victims of identity theft, or if you are just becoming credit-worthy for the first time and need to develop it as quickly as possible.

Founder and CEO Anthony Davenport created the firm’s initial full-credit analysis and recommendation service, which is discounted by nearly 30% to Anglia Advisors’s clients.

Be Awesome Not Broke:

A degree of budgeting assistance can be a part of Anglia Advisors’ services to their clients, but for those who may feel the need for a more “hard-core” structured accountability program to create lasting, solid budgetary habits, founder Garrett Philbin runs BANB’s flagship service which is offered to Anglia Advisors’s clients at a 20% discount, with an extra face-to-face session thrown in too.

Cultural Mixology:

Jamie Gelbtuch, founder of Cultural Mixology, specializes in working with individual expatriates who want to reach their highest personal or professional potential; organizations who want to prepare executives to thrive during a move abroad; and global teams who want to enhance collaboration and trust by designing, delivering, and facilitating programs that build and enhance cultural competencies. 

All Anglia Advisors’s clients will receive a 10% discount on the total package price. 


Effective use of the written word to communicate can make or break business projects, employment prospects, even relationships in all aspects of our professional and personal lives. In an era where judgements are swiftly made after reading an email, a report or proposal at work, a resume, a cover letter, a blog or even a text, it is more important than ever that your written content accurately and forcefully reflects your true intent and potential.

Sabrina Must, founder of WriteLessBad, can make sure that your written content is flawless and delivers a clear, engaging message that supports your mission, brand, and personality. Anglia Advisors’s clients will get a free initial consultation and a 10% discount on Sabrina’s regular hourly rate.

Avant Relocation Consulting:

Avant provides turnkey solutions for domestically or internationally relocating employees and their families, including home-finding, move management, settling-in services, and more. If you are a stranger in a strange land,  “Navigation For Your Relocation” keeps your adventure memorable for the right reasons.

Jim Weiss, founder of Avant Relo, is offering a free consultation and 10 percent off move management fees exclusively to Anglia Advisors clients.


You can contact the partner firms directly (just be sure to let them know where you heard about them) or, better still, you can contact us for a personalized introduction and details on any discounts that may be offered to Anglia Advisors clients. 

If you would like your firm to be considered as a Strategic Partner of Anglia Advisors, reach out and let us know and we can meet up and learn about each other’s practices.


Super important to know:

Anglia Advisors is not affiliated in any way with any of our strategic partners. We never pay/receive any compensation to/from any of these partners in return for any exposure, referrals or discounted services that may be offered. While Anglia Advisors has reason to believe in the quality of services provided by our strategic partners, we cannot be held liable in any way for the services or security procedures offered by these third party providers.