The Anglia Advisors Spending Organization System (SOS)

At Anglia Advisors, we are not keen on the word, “budgeting”. Traditional budgets often fail because they are too elaborate and make excessive demands on people in terms of complexity and time required to record-keep, follow and monitor the budget itself. Anglia Advisors’s unique, simple and sustainable solution will help you gain control of your spending without the workload, stress and disapproving finger-wagging of traditional budgeting.

Our proprietary Spending Organization System (SOS) is included at no additional cost for all Anglia Advisors retainer-based clients.

It is also available as a standalone offering to non-clients in the form of a single meeting to explain the system, implementation instructions and unlimited access to the software. See non-client pricing here under VARIOUS.

It takes just minutes to set up, uses automation, requires no ongoing maintenance and can be easily amended as your circumstances change over time. 

The reason many people overspend is because they see their money as one amorphous mass from which they need to somehow figure out what is available for a discretionary expense item.

If you are trying to decide if or when you should buy something, then simply taking a look at that total lump of money sitting in your checking account is of no use, since much of that money needs to be earmarked for other (possibly more essential) expenses, but you don’t really know how much of it.

SOS identifies and segments funds available for expenses like entertainment, dining out, gifts and vacations. It can also help you easily see how much you can afford to make to charitable causes, social activities, additional education expenses, home repairs etc., without eating into funds required for essentials like rent, mortgage/debt payments and savings and investments.

At the heart of the system is the proven concept of “paying yourself first”.

The clarity provided by the system can then help you identify areas where you may be able to reduce particular expenses and/or redirect certain expenditure to more appropriate and productive spending and saving. This can be done in conjunction with assistance from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and, as your financial circumstances evolve, it takes just moments to update the system and view updated spending availability. 

SOS will also quantify and display whether you are saving and investing an appropriate percentage of your income for retirement and other future needs. If this is currently inadequate, SOS helps identify areas from which resources may be able to be diverted into increasing your saving and investment rate, without critically damaging your everyday liquidity.

Note: SOS is primarily suitable for those individuals or couples who are on regular W2-type incomes.