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Six months. Six meetings. A full financial plan.

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Simple, yet powerful, this is a six-month personal financial planning relationship with six meetings and ongoing access over that time to a fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional as well as access to a host of other features, platforms and services. The goal is to achieve personal financial organization, education and an implementation of a series of detailed recommendations as well as introductions to recommended professionals from our extensive network who can assist in areas such as estate planning, insurance, tax etc. Financial planning services can then be optionally continued on a discounted retainer plan following the six-month plan period and full portfolio management services are available. 

Clients can be located anywhere in the United States. Meetings take place either in person at our West 36th St location in Manhattan or by video call/screen-share, at a time convenient to you. 

Following an initial, free no-obligation consultation, if you decide to go forward, this is what it will look like:


This first meeting is to firmly establish your goals, objectives, concerns, risk capacity, time horizons etc. and generally establish what it is you want to achieve from the engagement. This will be followed by invitations to open our your own personalized client portal, an electronic document vault and (optionally) an investment account for management of your portfolio(s) using multiple taxable accounts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, trust accounts etc at a discounted fee schedule.


Usually held within a couple of weeks of the Goal-Setting Meeting, the purpose of this meeting is to gather all your financial data (bank/brokerage accounts, workplace plans like 401(k)s/403(b)s, college funding plans, assets, liabilities, credit cards, loans/debts, spending and income data etc.) in most cases by electronically connecting all your accounts to our client portal. We will also gather all information regarding your insurance coverage, existing estate plan (if any), workplace benefit/retirement plan options etc. and use this information to populate your client portal.


Usually held about a month later, this is where we will present our full analysis of your complete picture and give you our recommendations on all areas of your financial situation. Specific asset allocation recommendations will be given for workplace retirement plans or existing investment accounts (brokerage accounts, IRAs etc.) if you have decided to retain them at existing investment platform providers and/or suggested asset allocations for our discounted managed portfolios if you have opted to use them. Any insurance, education funding, tax, estate planning, real estate or other legal needs will be identified. Suggested debt management, micro-investing and cash management/budgeting strategies will be shared. After the meeting, you will be provided with an electronic report summarizing the recommendations along with a useful and extensive Educational Appendix that will explain in easy-to-understand terms a number of personal finance and investment concepts and ideas. 


About two weeks after the Strategy Meeting, we get started in implementing the recommendations made in the previous meeting. This can include beginning the funding of the opened discounted investment accounts (by means of transfers, rollovers, auto-deposit contributions etc.) if that option has been selected and/or the opening of college funding and other accounts if recommended. We can assist you with making the recommended changes to workplace retirement plans/benefits package or (to the extent we are permitted) any investment accounts you have decided to maintain outside of our management.  We will set up a schedule of appointments with the recommended outside professionals or services from our extensive professional network to implement the recommendations for estate planning, insurance, tax, real estate, legal etc. This may include our customized services if required:

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We can also help you set up a micro-investing strategy as well as helping you learn how to optimize use of the personalized client portal. 


About two months after the Implementation Meeting, we will meet again for what is essentially a progress review of how the implementations are going, the outcomes of any meetings held with outside professionals and address any questions and concerns.


Around the six-month anniversary of our first meeting, we will meet and review the whole process, finalize any outstanding issues and discuss how you can proceed from this point (see below). 


Additionally, for the duration of the six-month engagement, you will have full access to:


• Unlimited email, phone and text access to your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for financial questions and advice

• Our extensive professional network

• Discounted portfolio management services (optional)**

• The personalized Client Portal and all its account aggregation, analysis, educational and spending/budgeting features

• Electronic document vault

• Monthly Financial Market Reports

• Periodic personal finance education bulletins

• Timely investment and tax reminders

• Micro-investing reminders

• Newsletters

** The discounted portfolio management services may continue beyond the end of the six month engagement period.


At the end of the six-month engagement period, you have a number of options:

  • We can shake hands and you can move on with no further obligation or cost, using all the recommendations and education received over the course of the relationship. Your access to your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Client Portal, document vault, our professional network, monthly financial market reports, periodic educational bulletins and micro-investing reminders will be discontinued at this point if you decide not to continue services on a discounted retainer basis (see below), although any portfolio investment management services may be continued beyond of the end of the engagement.

  • You can always come back at any time afterwards as many times as you like for further advice using our Single Sessions hourly model. 

  • You can optionally choose to seamlessly continue access to your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Client Portal, document vault, our professional network, monthly financial market reports, periodic education bulletins and investment and tax reminders, micro-investing reminders etc. by signing up for our ongoing Retainer model at a discounted rate.


Who can benefit from The Full Financial Plan?

– Anyone in need of personal financial organization and analysis of existing assets, consolidation, or a general overhaul and needs to know where they stand. 

– Anyone with needs that go beyond just investment management, such as in the areas of estate planning, insurance, retirement projections, debt management, budgeting/cash flow, college planning, etc.

– Anyone whose current personal financial situation has, for whatever reason, become more complex and is looking for a snapshot of where they stand and professional guidance going forward.

– Anyone who may have recently undergone a significant life event, such as recent marriage, children, divorce, separation, widowhood, a change in income or large bonus, sudden money or inheritance or starting a business.

– Anyone whose personal financial situation has culminated in a somewhat random, unplanned, and disparate manner, causing all the moving parts to not work together as efficiently as they should.

– Anyone in need of access to a large network of allied professionals in the fields of estate planning, insurance, real estate, tax, contract law, immigration and foreign national issues and much more.

– Anyone relocating to the U.S. who does not fully understand how all the different aspects of their finances should work together and/or needs guidance in navigating the complicated US personal finance landscape.

– Anyone who feels concerned that their current financial advisor may not necessarily always be working in his/her best interest and feels the need to repair past damage. 


Tell me more about the The Full Financial Plan!

– The report delivered at Meeting 3 addresses, analyzes, and makes recommendations and professional referrals on all aspects of your financial life. This includes:

  • your investments, including asset allocation and fund selection

  • control and organization of spending

  • debt management of student loans and credit cards

  • various estate planning documents and beneficiary designations

  • retirement planning strategy including asset management of 401(k)-type plans and IRAs

  • college funding needs

  • emergency funds

  • effective cash management

  • credit development

  • workplace benefits

  • our Anglia Cash Check

  • our Anglia Life Insurance Check

  • our Anglia College $$ Check

  • our Anglia Real Estate Check

  • overseas account compliance

  • charitable intentions

  • socially responsible investment strategies

  • income-driven investment strategies

  • database search for missing money that you may be owed

  • access to trust services for minors

  • consolidation of scattered accounts

  • a full personal finance and investment educational experience. We ensure that you completely understand how your investments fit into the landscape of the US financial markets and that you fully comprehend what you are invested in and the structure and consequences of those investments. See our Core Investment Policy Statement and our portfolio management page for the type of investments used.

Compare our fees (shown by the red dots) with the national averages of asset under management (AUM) fees for 2017 (below). Remember also that the average fees below are just advisor management fees and are BEFORE annual expense ratios charged by the investments themselves that the advisor selects or transaction fees which can push client costs much, much higher. Cost-efficiency is central to our allocation decisions since, unlike most financial advisory services, we do not take commissions to put clients into expensive actively managed funds.

Average Assets Under Management (AUM) fees charged by financial advisors in the US, 2017, with Anglia Advisors levels shown by the red dots.      Source: Inside Information 2017 Planning Professional Fee Survey

Average Assets Under Management (AUM) fees charged by financial advisors in the US, 2017, with Anglia Advisors levels shown by the red dots. 

Source: Inside Information 2017 Planning Professional Fee Survey

For a small number of clients, the Betterment For Advisors investment platform may not be available or suitable due to regulation, the provider’s internal policies, personal circumstances or type of account required. Anglia Advisors may be able to offer an alternative platform, please discuss with us.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Anglia Advisors is NOT permitted to offer direct tax advice, legal advice or medical advice, either domestic or international, and no firm communications of any kind (written, media, electronic or verbal) should be construed as such.