Professional Network


Being an Anglia Advisors client gives you the valuable benefit of full access to the Anglia Advisors Professional Network, our vast network of qualified professionals who can help you, advise you and work with you in the fields of tax (domestic and international), real estate, life/disability/long term care insurance, workplace retirement plans, workplace healthcare plans, mortgages, divorce law, pre-nups/post-nups, immigration law, elder law, banking, currency exchange, property/casualty insurance, contract law, employment law, criminal law and much more. We have spent years building this network, so that you don't have to.

When you are working with your Anglia Advisors personal finance consultant, it is likely that we will come across needs that may extend beyond the world of investments. In some of these cases, it can be in your best interests that a specialist professional be brought in to assist, consult and/or advise.

Anglia Advisors spends a lot of time and resources seeking out and getting to personally know high quality and reliable professionals in multiple fields and then make them available to our ongoing clients.Your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional may even on occasion host or accompany you to the meetings with the professionals to ensure that the agreed upon strategies are implemented as planned.

This can be an invaluable service to, for example, recently-arrived foreign nationals or a younger individual who does not yet have such an extensive network of connections in place.

We have put the Anglia Advisors Professional Network together over the years, so that you don’t have to!

Estate Planning

Planning in advance of your death is critical when it comes to ensuring not only that assets are transferred to where you want them to be in the most tax-efficient and prompt manner possible, but that loved ones and causes you care about are looked after. Anglia Advisors' network of estate planning attorneys can be brought in at varying price points and different areas of specialty to deal with wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, guardianship provisions, insurance trusts, DNR orders, codicils, health care proxies, state and federal estate tax considerations etc., including in the very important and complex area of non-citizen estate planning.


Your Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional may well identify needs, gaps, under-insurance or over-insurance in terms of life, disability and long term care insurance, business insurances, auto and homeowners' insurance, liability insurance, renters' insurance etc., even yachts and boats if you need it Unlike many advisors, however, we do not sell you the insurance. It would obviously create a conflict of interest if we did. In the case of any kind of identified insurance needs or existing policy reviews or comparisons, an independent insurance specialist, with no allegiance to any single insurance company, will be brought in by us at no cost to you to determine what alternative options are available, which would work best for you and then arrange for the policies to be priced, reviewed, applied for and put in place.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell, Anglia Advisors can bring in a complete team to help effect the transaction. The real estate broker (residential, commercial or retail), the real estate attorney, the mortgage broker/banker, the title insurance specialist, the guarantor for rentals (especially useful for recently-arrived foreign nationals or those with short credit and income histories) etc. We can also put you in touch with architects, interior designers, building contractors etc.  In many cases, these professionals already have prior experience working with each other, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined process for Anglia Advisors client.

Tax Planning, Advice and Tax Return Preparation

At Anglia Advisors, we are generally uncomfortable with the idea of clients preparing and filing their own taxes unless they are super-simple. Every year, Americans leave literally billions of dollars on the table by not getting professional assistance and failing to properly fill out returns. We have access to a network of tax preparers at different price points, able to handle varying levels of complexity from the straightforward to the highly complex. For those who insist on being do-it-yourselfers, we can - for example - put you in touch with a service that will simply review and comment on your self-prepared return. We have access to a particular group of specialists in the areas of international tax preparation and overseas account reporting compliance. 

Banking, Lending, Mortgages and Foreign Exchange Transactions

Obtaining the right mortgage for your circumstances is both a financial planning and cash flow question early on in the process. Once the parameters have been established, Anglia Advisors can bring in independent mortgage specialists who will do the research and the diligence to try and find the best mortgage deal for you. We also have access to special situation professionals who are familiar with the particular options available for self-employed individuals and newly-arrived foreign nationals who are likely to have difficulty obtaining financing through traditional channels. These non-citizens in particular may also need help with setting up properly functioning retail banking services and consumer loans and Anglia Advisors can put them in touch with institutions who take their particular circumstances into account. It is essential to find the best rate when moving money overseas necessitating a foreign exchange transaction. Your bank branch is rarely, if ever, the best place to go for this, especially for larger amounts. Anglia Advisors has access to currency professionals who can provide far more favorable rates, which can make a big difference when international real estate or business transactions are required.

Immigration and Foreign National Services

The Anglia Advisors network includes a number of immigration attorneys, some of whom specialize in particular visa types or nationalities. Whether you are looking for a visa, green card or citizenship for yourself or a family member based on professional or personal circumstances from inside or outside the US, our select immigration professionals will be able to assist in an efficient, cost-effective and empathetic manner. We also have connections with services that can help with international money transfers at preferential exchange rates, relocation firms, translation services, cultural competency and job placement, even accent reduction.

Divorce, Separation and Family/Elder Law

Money is at the root of the majority of divorces in the US. The choice of a divorce attorney or a professional who draws up pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements is essential and Anglia Advisors can help. We can also help find you find attorneys who specialize in Elder Law to ensure that elderly or aging family members are looked after.

Employment and Contract Law

The process of finding a lawyer to help draft or review contracts with employers, employees, clients, vendors, landlords, subscribers etc. should not be undertaken in a random or blind fashion or based on anecdotes. The Anglia Advisors Professional Network includes attorneys able to assist in these matters at all levels of complexity and price points.

All introductions and referrals to allied professionals are free of charge to Anglia Advisors ongoing clients, although clients are responsible for any professional fees that may be charged by these professionals if they choose to use their services.

No referral fees are ever paid to/from Anglia Advisors from/to members of our professional network in respect of any client introductions.