Why Use Anglia Advisors To Manage Your Investments?

Using the most advanced financial technology available today, Anglia Advisors’s investment management service offers clients a host of automated cost-saving and tax efficiency features that no “do it yourself” investor or even a top human asset manager can hope to replicate.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional example of a customized managed portfolio shown within our system and is for information purposes only, this is certainly not a recommendation of any kind. Allocation and investment recommendations will be specific to the differing time horizons, needs, goals, concerns, risk tolerances/risk capacities and individual circumstances of each client.

We believe quite simply that Anglia Advisors offers the most advanced, cost-effective and accessible portfolio management strategy publicly available today with many features that benefit investors in multiple ways that are just not possible using any of the traditional investment platforms such as Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade etc. etc. that are advocated, recommended or used by other financial advisors.



1) ALL types of investors can benefit, from those just starting out in investing to high net worth individuals. Unlike most professional investment managers, Anglia Advisors has no minimum level of initial investment.

Whether you are looking to start to build wealth over time and start an investment plan from scratch with professional asset management services and advice from day one, have existing investments on another platform and/or under the management of another advisor or are a high net worth individual looking to generate and keep more of your investment returns, you can benefit from our enhanced time-saving, cost-saving and tax-optimization features by setting up with, or moving your investments to, our platform.

2) Your Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™is personally entirely invested using the exact same investments and on the exact same platform that he will be recommending to you. You may want to double-check with other advisors if that is the case with them. 

3) Professional asset allocation and personally targeted investment guidance from a qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for all your goals. To obtain the CFP® designation, your advisor has undergone years of study and coursework in all aspects of financial planning, from investments to estate planning, from retirement planning to ethics. A highly challenging exam has been passed and a significant experience and education requirement has been met. This designation is considered to be the gold standard among financial planners. 

4) No transaction fees. Unlike with most investment platforms, there are never any transaction fees to buy into or sell out of any securities in any of our portfolios in any kind of account.

5) No separate additional platform fee. There is no separate charge to our clients for the use of any of the technology offered by our platform and all of its features and benefits. Anglia Advisors takes care of the cost of providing the system to you out of our management fee.

6) The most cost-effective, most diversified exchange traded funds (ETFs) are the building blocks of our portfolios. Regardless of how much you invest, you will be a part owner of tens of thousands of stocks and bonds of large, mid-sized and small companies and governments in all sectors from the US and all around the world at the lowest cost available. Read Simon’s article on why exchange traded funds should be your investment vehicle of choice here

7) Fractional fund purchases. See here for why fractional fund purchasing is such an advantage. Anglia Advisors’s platform ensures that every penny of all of your contributions is immediately put to work in the way you are allocated, no matter how much is deposited, eliminating the negative effect of “idle cash” in the portfolio. The proven concept of dollar-cost averaging is usually not practical or else extremely complex without this feature. This is a major reason why this platform is superior to the traditional ones.

8) Discounted portfolio management feesOur already-low professional investment management fees can be even further discounted by optionally bundling additional financial planning and/or retainer features into your engagement. See our pricing here.

9) Multiple investment strategies availableAlways maintaining a low-cost structure, Anglia Advisors’s platform offers access to a wide variety of investment options, including traditional market capitalization-based ETF investing, factor-based (“smart beta”) ETF investing, value investing, momentum based investing, trend-following strategydividend and buyback investing, Vanguard-only ETF portfolios, as well as the ability to participate in assets such as commodities and real estate etc., income-based and socially responsible investing portfolios.

What all these available strategies have in common is that they are highly cost-effective, algorithmically-based (no human fund manager input) and extremely diversified. All of them will be allocated by an Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to reflect any kind of risk profile from extremely conservative to enhanced risk/return profiles and anywhere in between.

Anglia Advisors’s platform includes access to:

  • Betterment portfolios. Use the lowest cost ETFs from various providers, including Blackrock iShares and Vanguard, with infinitely customizable levels of risk.

  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management portfolios. Use cost-effective, mostly objectives-based (“smart beta”) ETFs from Goldman Sachs Asset Management in ten different categories of risk.

  • Vanguard-only portfolios. Use exclusively cost-effective ETFs provided by Vanguard, the pioneer in low-cost investing. Portfolios can be customized to different risk tolerance levels.

  • Cambria Investments “Trinity” portfolios. Use the acclaimed, mostly factor-based (“smart beta”) ETFs from Cambria Investments, with emphasis on investments exhibiting value and momentum traits, and participation in a trend following strategy as well as less correlated assets like commodities and real estate in their suite of Trinity portfolios with a variety of risk levels available.

  • BlackRock Income-Based portfolios. Use an income portfolio strategy that is primarily a cost-effective, diversified bond basket that seeks to provide a steady stream of cash income while minimizing potential loss of capital or stock market volatility. In our portfolio strategy arrangement with BlackRock, we offer four risk levels to choose from, each with different expected levels of income yield.

  • Socially Responsible portfolios. Use the most cost-effective socially responsible ETFs as part of a carefully crafted portfolio that combines broad diversification with algorithmic socially responsible screening and multiple risk levels.

Under the guidance of a knowledgeable CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, these various types of portfolios can often be mixed, matched and blended together to include elements of any or all of these strategies according to your particular circumstances and risk profile, thereby further increasing the portfolio’s diversification and targeting characteristics.

10) Multiple goals within each account. Retirement is not the only goal that can be saved for using Anglia Advisors’s platform. While we can quickly easily open, fund and manage Traditional IRAsRollover IRAsRoth IRAs, SEP IRAsSIMPLE IRAs and trust funds, we can additionally open multiple brokerage accounts (individual or joint) for you that can have very different goals; supplemental retirement, an emergency fund, a home deposit fund, a vacation fund, a tax anticipation fund, a car deposit fund, a setting-money-aside-for-kids fund, a wedding fund, pretty much any financial goal you may have.

Additional goal accounts can be easily added by you or your advisor in a matter of seconds, Each goal will have a different targeted investment strategy applied to its account after consultation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and is able to have very different time horizons, risk profiles and asset allocation from other goals with different risk characteristics. The details, current balances, earnings and allocation of each of the goals are all visible in one place on your personalized account website.

11) Simple, customizable and zero-cost auto-deposits through a linked bank account with weekly, twice-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedules available. One time deposits are easy and transaction-free too.

12) Automated and zero-cost rebalancing. Regular portfolio rebalancing is essential to maintain the integrity of any portfolio. Learn more about why rebalancing is so critical to a portfolio here.

Manual rebalancing is usually carried out on a calendar basis by an advisor on behalf of a client, maybe on fixed days once or twice a year and can be a time-consuming and expensive process as an advisor’s time and transaction fees can add up.

While it may be one step above not rebalancing at all, the calendar-based method, with the advisor just picking one or two randomly selected time intervals each year, is a clumsy, insufficient and far less effective means of accomplishing the task.

The Anglia Advisors platform technology constantly scans the portfolios daily and if any of them ever move more than 3% out of balance, algorithmically, automatically and immediately carries out an free rebalance of the whole portfolio to get it back to the agreed-upon allocation. No need for you to do anything.

As well as maintaining a more stable risk profile, the process can reduce capital gains taxes. The algorithmic rebalancing process used by the platform is also smart enough to make use of dividends, interest and new contributions to constantly effect rebalancing, reducing the amount of selling required to fund the parts of the portfolio that need replenishing. This smart, automated and constant algorithmic rebalancing is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform at no cost to our clients.

13) Smart dividend reinvestment. Most platforms offer the option of automatic dividend reinvestment. But they simply put the dividend income straight back into the ETF or mutual fund which generated it in the first place. This leads to imbalance as the funds that generate higher dividends become bloated at the expense of those which don’t and this forces rebalancing, which – as mentioned above – is usually only carried out once or twice a year (if that!) on these platforms, meaning that your portfolio can be out of balance for months at a time.

As detailed here, our platform collects the dividends distributed and uses them to smartly buy more of the funds that are in need of an injection in order to maintain balance, rather than just blindly throwing them back to where they came from which can actually contribute to imbalance rather than cure it. The system’s automated methodology reduces the need to sell to effect a rebalance, thereby lowering capital gains tax liability. In other words, the system uses dividend reinvestment as a tool to achieve rebalancing and save on taxes.

This strategy, along with daily monitoring of rebalancing needs, uses dividends as an intelligent and tool to help keep the portfolio allocation where it was always designed to be and save on taxes. This smart, automated and constant algorithmic dividend reinvestment strategy is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform at no cost to our clients.

14) Available automated and all-day, every day zero-cost Tax Loss HarvestingTax loss harvesting (TLH) is a highly effective optimization strategy used by sophisticated investors to essentially make use of the terms of the tax code which permits losses to offset the tax liability on profits. Learn more about TLH, how it works and why it can make such a difference to after-tax returns here.

Manually calculating TLH opportunities and precisely acting upon them acting on them can be time-consuming process, at least for a human being to undertake even once a year. The complexity and work involved generally make it impossible for a human advisor to be able to effect TLH for a client with any greater frequency than that, usually towards the end of the year.

With the platform’s TLH+ feature, your portfolio is scanned all day, every day, checking for TLH opportunities, which can often present themselves only fleetingly and would nearly always be missed by human advisors and accountants who can only act on opportunities if they are available on the once-per-year occasion (if you are lucky) that they happen to conducting the annual manual tax-harvest that day.

Constant daily TLH monitoring and immediate, no-fee automated execution can make a significant difference to the after-tax returns of a portfolio. This automated TLH+ feature is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform on an opt-in basis and at no cost to our clients.

15) Know before you act with Tax Impact Preview (TIP)Selling securities in taxable accounts can have tax implications. Typically, these announce themselves the following year, when they appear on your tax return. Now, using our platform, there are no surprises as our Tax Impact Preview helps you see any likely potential tax hit of a withdrawal or allocation change—before you confirm the transaction, offering you the opportunity to continue with the transaction or maybe re-consider it, now armed with the knowledge of what the tax impact of the transaction will likely be. Indeed, since the introduction of this feature, our platform provider has noted that 85% of all transactions in taxable accounts that are initiated initiated are cancelled once their estimated tax impact has been shown.

What we can take from this is that clients who lack this feature (pretty much anyone not using our platform) are likely making withdrawals without really knowing their tax impact, making TIP a unique and invaluable addition to the features of the platform. This automated TIP feature is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform at no cost to our clients.

16) Available tax optimization of portfolios using a Tax Co-ordinated Portfolio (TCP) feature, using the concept of asset location. Asset location is a tax optimization strategy used by sophisticated investors and high-end investment managers that ensures that investments and the associated generated income with different tax characteristics are located and maintained in the most tax efficient parts of the overall portfolio. Learn more about the importance of asset location here and here. As with TLH, applying this strategy manually is extremely complex and can only be achieved infrequently by human beings.

But now the strategy is constantly available in its most powerful form to Anglia Advisors clients. As detailed here and here, the platform’s TCP feature automatically screens your portfolio daily, endlessly scanning for opportunities to optimize tax efficiency via correct asset location.

Betterment estimates that having this feature automatically activated in an account can add an average of close to 0.50% to portfolio after-tax returns each year, which can result in a 15% increase in the ending balance of a portfolio after an investing lifetime. This automated TCP feature is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform on an opt-in basis at no cost to our clients.

17) Yet another tax optimization feature: a vastly superior method of selecting tax lots to sell. Most platforms have a default method of selecting which existing owned shares to sell when a sell, rebalance or re-allocation order is executed. Anglia Advisors clients will benefit from a highly sophisticated tax lot selection methodology that goes way beyond the industry standard and factors in both cost basis and duration of holding, automatically selecting tax lots for sale that generate the lowest tax liability. This can make a significant difference to the tax impact of a sale. This automated tax lot selection feature is available on Anglia Advisors’s platform at no cost to our clients.

18) Turn micro-saving into micro-investing .. Integration with Digit, ClarityQapital and/or EmpowerExclusive to Anglia Advisors, clients who use these micro-saving tools will be able to arrange to have their funds moved regularly into their investment account(s) and put right to work, rather than just sitting uselessly in some savings account earning negligible interest.  This Digit/Qapital/Clarity/Empower integration feature is available to Anglia Advisors portfolio management clients on an opt-in basis at no cost.

19) Available Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) option. To many clients, investing in a socially responsible manner is important. Up until now, however, there has had to be a significant trade-off between rate of returns/cost and the degree of social responsibility of the investment (Simon even specifically highlighted this in an Investopedia article). Things change, however and we now offer portfolios that largely mitigate the usual high cost and poor portfolio construction common to most SRI funds and allow investors to invest more in line with their values without being bled by high fees and underperformance. This SRI feature is available to Anglia Advisors clients at no cost.

20) Tax-Optimize your Charitable Giving through the platform. Everyone wins. Our platform offers a Charitable Giving feature making tax-efficient donations of appreciated stock easy and, more importantly, tax-optimized in such a way that you get the maximum available tax deduction and the charity receives the maximum possible donation. 

21) Be invested how you intended to be. All the time. By handing your money over to an actively managed mutual fund manager rather than investing in an exchange traded index fund, not only are you paying many times more you need to for a product that has been shown to be inferior in performance, transparency and tax efficiency, you are also exposing yourself to what is known as “style drift”.

An active fund manager, who does not even know your name, let alone have any idea of your particular goals and objectives for investing in that fund, is going to make emotion-riddled and reactive decisions about what to do with your money without consulting you.

You may be investing in the fund because it’s called, say, the US Equity Select Fund, thinking that you will be 100% invested in the US stock market 100% of the time in that particular corner of your portfolio. And you piece together the rest of your portfolio based on that assumption. But the active fund manager can, whenever he feels like it, move large parts of it to cash, or use other market timing techniques without you even being informed and most certainly without your permission or keeping your particular best interests in mind. And they frequently do this.

Anglia Advisors’s portfolios only ever contain exchange traded funds whose holdings are determined by an index or algorithm that is never subject to any the “four horsemen” of investing behavior that afflicts human professional money mangers just as much as retail investors: FEAR, GREED, PANIC and ENVY.

Your portfolio will always maintain the balance and type of securities that you and your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ have determined is appropriate to you.

22) Quick and easy moving of accounts to our platformWhether you are rolling over an old 401k, transferring an IRA from another provider or simply moving funds into your accounts, the process is quick and easy, using electronic trustee-to-trustee transfers and ACH when permitted by the other provider.

23) Easy monitoring and management of your account. At all times you can clearly see the state of all your goals and accounts (real time balances, earnings, tax savings, scheduled deposits etc.), either online or on the mobile app on iOS or Android. Your Anglia Advisors advisor will also monitor your accounts on a regular basis.

Both you and your advisor will receive email confirmations of all transactions and a customizable view of the entire history of all account activity is easily accessible to both you and your advisor.

You can always login to your account from the CLIENTS tab on the top right of the Anglia Advisors website.

24) Easy monitoring and analysis of your external accounts on the same pageInvestments not held under our management, such as 401(k)s, outside IRAs and taxable accounts, mortgages and loans held at other institutions, can be linked to the system and viewed alongside those invested on our platform, giving you a complete picture of all your accounts in one place.

But, more than that, the system can even analyze your external accounts and bring many issues (such as excessive fees or idle cash) to your attention.

25) Completed tax forms provided conveniently and electronicallyYour 1099 tax forms are automatically imported into your account sometime in February in both CSV and PDF formats. You will be notified by email when these are ready and can then simply forward them to your tax preparer. The forms can also integrate directly with Turbo Tax, H&R Block and TaxACT. Our platform provider creates the forms in-house with clear summaries provided.

26) A fiduciary relationship. Perhaps the most important reason of all, your dedicated Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will be a fiduciary to you. As explained here, this means that your advisor will commit, in writing, to acting in your best interests at all times, something the majority of financial advisors and investment managers in the US (even some of those with the CFP® designation) will totally refuse to do because they know that they absolutely WILL NOT act in your best interests at all times.


Anglia Advisors’s only compensation for its portfolio management service comes from you, the client. As a result, our only obligation is to you, the client. We are never compensated by any third-party provider for promoting, recommending or selling to you any particular investment or strategy.

This ensures that the advice and set of recommendations that we do give is untainted and free of conflicts of interest with the only incentive being to provide you with the highest quality service we can.  

Compare these features to those offered by your current “do-it-yourself” investment platform or on any platform recommended for use or endorsed by your current advisor.

Contact us to find out how to benefit from the most powerful investing technology available and open an account on the Anglia Advisors platform today.

Anglia Advisors has contracted for asset management and custodian services with Betterment For Advisors (B4A).

For a small number of clients, the Betterment For Advisors investment platform may not be available or suitable due to regulation, the provider’s internal policies, personal circumstances or type of account required. Anglia Advisors may be able to offer an alternative platform, please discuss with us.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Anglia Advisors is NOT permitted to offer direct tax advice, legal advice or medical advice, either domestic or international, and no firm communications of any kind (written, media, electronic or verbal) should be construed as such.