As much affordable personal finance advice as you need. And only what you need. Retain control.


Some examples of Per Hour Plans or Projects include:

- Assistance with personal financial organization, consolidation, account setup and financial behavior

- Highly detailed professional analysis of existing investment accounts and investment strategy recommendations

- Workplace benefits review and recommendations , including full reviews and recommendations for both in-force and previous “orphan” 401k/403b plans

- Personal finance assistance and strategies with dealing Suddenly Single individuals in post-divorce/widowhood situations

- Personal finance assistance, strategies and introductions for new or imminent parents

- Personal finance assistance and strategies for recent college graduates just entering workforce

- Broad analysis of college planning needs, savings requirements, EFC, FAFSA, CSS etc

- Estate planning assistance and strategies with professional legal referrals if required or available Anglia Advisors/Helios Estate Planning Services**

- Analysis of life insurance needs, strategies and independent professional referrals

- Assistance with sudden wealth situations (inheritance, legal settlement, business sale etc)

- A follow-up to a Single Session, allowing clients to continue to work with us after the session ends

- A follow-up to a Foreign National consultation, allowing clients to continue to work with us

** optional, but subject to an additional fee

Unlimited introductions/referrals to financial and legal specialists in our Professional Network

Available Portfolio Management (optional, no minimum investment required) with an integrated High Yield Savings account for high-interest cash management and a no-fee checking account

Increased control over fees, only engage our services for what you need, in an "a la carte" fashion

Easy reactivation of services at any time in the future when more advice is needed, simply by sending an email

Your own complimentary custom Spending/Cash Flow Tool

Your own complimentary Estate Readiness Checklist

Your own complimentary Educational Appendix, explaining important personal finance concepts and strategies

Complimentary copies of other important personal finance documents and information

Available Anglia Deep-Dive Credit Check and Assessment**

Encrypted and archived text messaging system for securely and quickly connecting with your advisor

Free access to our highly secure, encrypted and convenient two-way private electronic file sharing and storage using state-of-the-art Verifyle workspaces.

Personalized proprietary Anglia Risk Score

Complimentary sign-up to any Anglia Advisors personal finance newsletters

Whole relationship conducted under the Fiduciary Standard from start to finish


Regular Hourly Rate: $245

Discounted Hourly Rate: $215

The first eight hours of an engagement is billed at the Regular Hourly Rate, moving to the Discounted Hourly Rate thereafter.