Anglia Advisors is proud to be an official Key Partner of Neuland Alliance, an affiliation of passionate, experienced professionals with the mission of helping non-US-based startup companies navigate their way into the US commercially, financially and physically. 

Through a combination of strategic consulting services, project planning, and collaborative relationships with a diverse group of high quality specialists, Neuland Alliance will construct an individual and feasible roadmap towards successful US expansion, without requiring any kind of equity stake.

In pursuit of the mission, that each of their StartUp clients thrive, they aim to reduce the barriers of entry by guiding entrepreneurs mindfully through the complex issues faced before, during and after US expansion, including:

  • Forming a US Entity

  • Reducing Liability & Risk

  • Understanding the Legal System

  • Aligning to the US Patent & Copyright System

  • Managing Tax Compliance

  • Navigating Immigration Needs

  • Setting up Accounting Systems

  • Handling Payroll & Insurance

  • Finding your US Customers or Clients

  • Positioning Products & Services in the US Market

  • Pitching to Investors for Capital

  • Establishing a Feasible Growth Plan

  • Attracting & Retaining US-talent 

  • Meeting your Metrics for Success

  • Ensuring the Personal Financial Well-being of Non-Citizen Entrepreneurs and Their Families

The role of Anglia Advisors as a Neuland Alliance Key Partner in the process is to ensure that the personal financial, banking, residential real estate, personal insurance lines, estate planning, education funding and personal investment concerns and goals of the foreign national personnel and their families are addressed and taken care of. This way, the entrepreneurs and any other non-citizen staff can focus on doing what they do best, building their businesses.

For more details on Neuland Alliance’s services, go to their website at

The firms and principals of other Neuland Alliance Key Partners or the Managing Partners have no financial stake in, nor any part-ownership of, Anglia Advisors.