Give the gift of qualified financial planning and investment advice to a friend or family member.


Whoever it is for, you will be sent an actual physical credit-card-style gift card to gift to them which they can exchange for two or three hours with a CFP®*** who will address any aspect of financial planning, providing both on-the-spot guidance, emailed follow-up and offer continued email access for two weeks after the session. There is no sales pressure, because no products or policies are being sold, no commissions generated - this is exclusively an advisory fiduciary relationship where the needs and goals of the client are all that matter.

Your friend or relative has the option to take the financial planning relationship further following the session by arranging the additional Single Session(s) if they would like. Sessions are also commonly supplemented afterwards by Per Hour engagements instead of an additional Single Session order to complete any tasks that maybe arose in the course of the session and that may require additional time, resources and research to address or were not addressed in the session due to time constraints.


One Gift Card for a two-hour session (individuals only) .. $489

One Gift Card for a three-hour session (individuals or couples) .. $689


Five two-hour Gift Cards .. $2150

Five three-hour Gift Cards .. $3100

Purchase of more than five cards at one time .. contact us for discounted pricing