Under our Financial Plan Only package, a dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will put together a detailed report of your current financial situation with reference to your investments, the state of your retirement accounts, your debt management, real estate, estate planning, life and disability insurances, property and casualty insurances, broad taxation concepts (but not direct tax advice), education funding, workplace benefits, credit management, life events such as recent family death or divorce, spending habits as well as highly specific recommendations and introductions to a large network of allied professionals.

This plan is especially appropriate for couples that have (or plan to have) commingled assets, have children (or are planning on it), those with existing investments, college and/or retirement funds already in place and in need of analysis or an individual or couple with an existing degree of complexity that requires a higher level of service. 

While our other Full Financial Plan (Plan 1) comes with a retainer feature and investment management, this plan is for those who feel that they really just need the jumpstart of a detailed financial plan and can take things forward themselves from there. 

We also provide free access to our unique, simple and sustainable Spending Organization System (SOS). Investment recommendations are always based on our Core Investment Policy.

There is also a financial education element to the process and the report will contain detailed explanations of the investments recommended. Unlike many financial professionals, we emphatically do not believe in adopting a “we know best, don’t worry about trying to understand it, just do what we tell you to do” attitude with our clients. Investor education is a key component of our relationship.


Who can benefit from the Financial Plan Only Package?

– Anyone in need of personal financial organization and analysis of existing assets, consolidation, or a general overhaul and needs to know where they stand, but is ready to move ahead without the need to retain a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ following plan delivery

– Anyone with needs that go beyond just investment management, such as in the areas of estate planning, insurance, retirement projections, debt management, budgeting/cash flow, college planning, etc.

– Anyone looking to gain control of their spending, by means of our unique, simple and sustainable Spending Organization System (SOS).

– Anyone whose current personal financial situation has, for whatever reason, become more complex and is looking for a snapshot of where they stand and professional guidance going forward.

– Anyone who may have recently undergone a significant life event, such as recent marriage, children, divorce, separation, widowhood, a change in income or large bonus, sudden money or inheritance or starting a business.

– Anyone whose personal financial situation has culminated in a somewhat random, unplanned, and disparate manner, causing all the moving parts to not work together as efficiently as they should.

– Anyone in need of access to a large network of allied professionals in the fields of estate planning, insurance, real estate, tax, contract law, immigration and foreign national issues and much more.

– Anyone who feels concerned that their current financial advisor may not necessarily always be working in his/her best interest and feels the need to repair past damage. 


Tell me more about the Financial Plan Only Package!

– We will deliver a fully comprehensive financial plan that addresses, analyzes, and makes recommendations and professional referrals on all aspects of your financial life. This includes:

  • your investments, including asset allocation and fund selection

  • control and organization of spending

  • debt management of student loans and credit cards

  • various estate planning documents and beneficiary designations

  • retirement planning strategy including asset management of 401(k)-type plans and IRAs

  • college funding needs

  • emergency funds

  • credit development

  • workplace benefits

  • review of your life/disability insurance and property/casualty/liability needs

  • real estate including mortgages and other loans

  • overseas account compliance

  • charitable intentions

  • socially responsible investment strategies

  • access to trust services for minors

  • immigration information for foreign nationals

  • consolidation of scattered accounts

  • creation of a financial hub where all aspects of your financial life can be managed in one place 

– Professional investment recommendations are in line with our Core Investment Policy Statement.

– Included access to our network of allied professionals to assist in the fields of estate planning, insurance, real estate, tax, contract law, immigration and foreign national issues and much more. 

– Included education so you completely understand the methodology behind our recommendations and the investments themselves.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Anglia Advisors is NOT permitted to offer direct tax advice, legal advice or medical advice, either domestic or international, and no firm communications of any kind (written, media, electronic or verbal) should be construed as such.