Foreign National Consultation


Welcome To America. Now Here's What You Need To Know.



Two to three hour consultation held in-person or by online video conferencing

Fully comprehensive written report presented after the consultation detailing the issues discussed at the session

Depending on client's exact circumstances, the agenda may include:

- Means for the client to self-identify as resident or non-resident for various scenarios

- Visa type vs. green card vs. (dual) citizenship

- Potential financial consequences of changing immigration status - what needs to be considered

- The enormous impact that holding a green card for 8 years might have and what to do about it

- Implications surrounding a foreign national spouse and/or giving birth to children in the US

- Broad description of the income tax landscape for foreign nationals in the US

- Broad description of the estate planning landscape for foreign nationals in the US

- Broad description of US overseas account reporting obligations and penalties for non-compliance -

Explanation of US retirement planning and social security landscape; 401k, IRA, HSA etc

- Should you save for retirement in the US if you plan to return home?

Unlimited introductions/referrals to financial and legal specialists in the field of international clients in our Professional Network

Optimal retail banking and credit card options for just arriving foreign nationals and their businesses

US real estate purchase considerations for non-US citizens

What you may be up against renting an apartment, buying a car, getting a credit card and more

Credit development considerations and strategies

Potential college planning issues to understand

Potential life insurance issues to understand

Alternative options to your bank for exchanging medium to large amounts of currency

UK nationals or ex-UK residents of any nationality: possible arrangements for your UK-based pension plan

Access to cultural adaptation and accent reduction services

Access to translation services

Career and employment information

Consultation may be attended and observed by friend, family member, immigration attorney

Available Portfolio Management (optional, no minimum investment required) with an integrated High Yield Savings account for high-interest cash management and a no-fee checking account

Discounted pricing for other Anglia Advisors service

Complimentary sign-up to any Anglia Advisors personal finance newsletters

Consultation conducted under the Fiduciary Standard from start to finish


A one-time consultation (typically two to three hours) .. $699

Corporate pricing packages are available at a discounted per-consultation rate