Estate Planning Services

Cost-effective, high quality estate planning for individuals and couples that keeps your CFP® at the center of the process.


Estate planning documents drawn up by fully qualified, highly experienced estate planning attorneys at Helios

Your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ co-ordinates the whole process between you and the lawyers

Documentation specific to, accepted in and used for all 50 states and DC (including community property states)

The comprehensive document set provided includes fully executed versions of a:

- Will

- Trust

- Financial Power of Attorney

- Medical Power of Attorney/Advance Medical Directives/Health Care Proxy

- HIPAA Release Form

- Certification of Trust

- General Transfer Document

- Instructions For Bequests of Tangible Personal Property

- Real Estate Property Agreement for Community Property States, if necessary

- Real Estate Property Deed, if necessary

Prompt turnaround from discovery to document delivery

All data held by Helios and transmissions between Helios and Anglia Advisors is encrypted and secure

This document set will include clauses, provisions and language to assert your wishes re:

- Privacy concerns

- Nomination of guardians for children

- Nomination of trustee

- Federal and state tax optimization provisions

- Conduit language for IRAs

- Staggered Inheritance Distribution Provisions Under Different Ages or Conditions

- No Contest Clause

- Current or Future Special Needs Trust Provisions if necessary

- Incapacitation

- Medical and End of Life Planning Language that creates flexibility to plan for unknown changes in state or federal estate tax laws

In the case of a couple, both parties receive their own set of co-ordinated documents

Available future review and updates to Anglia/Helios-created documents**

Available review of an existing non-Anglia/Helios will, with detailed summary and suggestions**

Complimentary sign-up Anglia Advisors personal finance newsletters

**subject to an additional fee (see below)


The one-time fee ranges from $999 to $1999.

The fee depends on whether it is an individual or a couple in need of documents, the degree of complexity, which state is involved and whether a real estate property agreement and/or deed is required to be filed.