In 2015, after many years working as a currency and equity trader in the financial districts of London and New York as well as at the United Nations as a financial advisor, Simon Brady decided to create a unique personal finance consulting and investment management firm in the heart of New York City.

His vision was create a fee-for-service, fiduciary personal finance consulting and investment management service specifically aimed at the under-served demographic of younger professionals in their 20s, 30s and early 40s who he realized in fact have a greater frequency of life events generating personal finance advice needs than the traditionally more heavily-served generation of the pre-retiree and retiring/retired Baby Boomers.


Completely independent, our fee-for-service model takes no sales commissions, kickbacks or compensation of any kind from any third party for making any sales or recommendations. Our compensation comes exclusively from our clients to whom we provide real and unique value. We are therefore able to provide un-conflicted, evidence-based clarity in all aspects of personal finance and investing that empowers our clients to take control of their financial futures.

Now Simon personally works with these younger professional clients advising not only on their investment and saving strategies and setting up investment infrastructures, but also on workplace benefits and retirement planning, student loans and other debt management, education funding, estate planning, all types of insurance and real estate needs - focusing on clients’ financial behavior and goal-setting objectives and providing an extensive personal finance education with various professional investment management and advisory solutions available to anyone, all with no minimum balance required.

Partnering with quality third-party providers for the benefit of our clients is an integral part of the firm’s strategy. For example, Anglia Advisors is proud and excited to now be a DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS (DFA) - approved provider of their DFA funds as an option in client investment portfolios.

Partnering with quality third-party providers for the benefit of our clients is an integral part of the firm’s strategy. For example, Anglia Advisors is proud and excited to now be a DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS (DFA) - approved provider of their DFA funds as an option in client investment portfolios

The firm has also partnered with HELIOS INTEGRATED PLANNING to provide high quality direct estate planning services to our clients at extremely competitive prices.

In addition, Simon consults with non-US citizens living and working in the US, particularly those who have recently arrived, helping them navigate the sometimes complicated US personal finance system and highlighting those specific items that foreign nationals living in the US need to be aware of and shows them the best means (and introduce them to some of the best professionals) to confront them as effectively as possible.

Simon also specializes in helping with planning and addressing the particular challenges of “suddenly single”, individuals just coming out of recent divorce or widowhood and likely in need serious professional attention (savings, lump sum investments, retirement planning, revised estate planning, revised budgeting and goal setting, real estate changes, continued education funding, revised life insurance, disability insurance and long term care needs, changed health insurance and more) from both a qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and outside specialist financial and legal professionals.

Meet Simon:


Founder, Principal - ANGLIA ADVISORS

Simon Brady CFP®

Simon grew up in London and studied business and finance at universities in the UK and France before being transferred to New York to trade currency and equity derivatives and take on a senior management roles at a major Wall Street trading firm. After more than twenty-five years of financial market experience during which time he saw 'behind the curtain' of how markets operate (including during the financial crisis of 2007-2009), Simon left the institutional trading world and underwent the extensive three-year education at New York University and then successfully passed the challenging designation exam and experience requirement to become fully qualified as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) personal finance professional.

He subsequently worked for the United Nations in Manhattan as a financial advisor and ETF specialist before going on to found Anglia Advisors, a fee-for-service-only advisory firm specifically aimed at offering personal finance consulting services to younger individuals, couples and families, foreign nationals living and working in the US and “suddenly single” individuals coming out of divorce and widowhood without the inevitable conflicts of interest associated with the commission-compensated salespeople that make up the bulk of the financial advice industry. Anglia Advisors is also an Accredited Business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

All engagements are always fee-only and can be based on an hourly, single session or monthly subscription model with optional no-minimum professional portfolio management. In 2019, Simon and Anglia Advisors were honored to have been approved by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to be able to offer their funds to our clients with portfolios under our management.

Simon is a regular media contributor as well as a speaker on personal finance topics at conferences, universities, libraries, seminars, workshops and various private events in the New York area and beyond. He has been quoted and published on national, regional and local news outlets, articles, blogs and major websites and hosts his own personal finance podcast. He has held directorships and board positions in the past at The Financial Planning Association of New York and at New York Toastmasters.