AAnything Goes


Disclaimer: This is not a picture of Simon.

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of Simon.

Maybe you have questions about your personal finances that nag at you which you want answered without yet committing to a full financial plan or a more full in-depth analysis. With an Anglia Advisors’s AAnything Goes session, you can sit down for a 90-minute session with Simon, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and decide what the agenda is. This sit-down can be in person at our West 36th St location in Manhattan, at your home or office or can be conducted virtually using Go To Meeting videoconferencing/screen-sharing technology.

Maybe it’s a question specific to your company’s workplace retirement plan. Maybe you want to know what options are available to you to save for college for your kids. Maybe you want more details on an investment strategy you have contemplated. Maybe you have questions about buying a home. Maybe you want to know what your estate planning should look like. Or, perhaps, you’d like a second set of eyes on your investment portfolio that you put together yourself or another financial advisor selected for you.

If possible, Simon will answer your questions then and there. If the answer requires some research, he will send you a report shortly after the session that outlines his responses.

The firm specializes in issues facing younger people (ages 22-45) and foreign nationals, living and working in the US. While questions related to other demographics are welcome, it is perhaps these people who would benefit most from an AAnything Goes session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Simon holds the CFP® designation, not the CPA designation. As such, he is able to give generic information about the general landscape of taxes, but is NOT able to give you specific tax advice.


Who can benefit from an AAnything Goes session?

– Anyone with one or more personal finance-related questions that can be at least initially addressed in a 90-minute conversation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. This session does not require someone to immediately commit to a full financial planning and investment management engagement. Examples of subject areas may be:

  • investment strategy (including an analysis of your existing portfolio)

  • estate planning

  • college funding

  • retirement planning

  • life insurance needs

  • foreign national-specific issues

  • Traditional vs Roth IRAs

– Anyone needing an objective opinion on an investment selection and asset allocation strategy created either personally or by another paid advisor  


Tell me more about the AAnything Goes session!

– The session can be held at a time of day convenient to you at our midtown Manhattan office, your workplace, or another location of your choice or virtually using Go To Meeting technology.

– As much as possible, your questions will be answered fully during the session. If more time and/or research is required, Simon will so do on your behalf following the session and get back to you with a response shortly after.

– For some, this session may be enough to jumpstart themselves financially. For others, it may spur them to take further action. If, as the outcome of an AAnything Goes session, you become a client of Anglia Advisors for any of our other services, we will issue you with a credit of $100 toward the cost of those other services in recognition of the fact that an Anything Goes session was the catalyst.